Must Try Asia (season 1) 

Asian Food Network


A brand identity and broadcast package for Asian Food Network Series called Must Try Asia (Season 1). A variety show cantered around the signature food across South East Asia. Hosted by Asian Food Network's food hero Sarah Benjamin and celebrity chef Malcolm Goh.

We were responsible for developing a series of episodes that cover Manila, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. The broadcast package includes the main logoopening titlelower 3rd, segment breaker, and end credit.



The creative direction and tonality we created for the show are adventurous and cultural. To enhance the look and to capture the essence of the show, we used the concept of photomontage. Visually,

the graphic elements emphasize the aesthetic of the food, spices, and landmarks of each city.


The 'wok' (a round-bottomed cooking pot) shape at the bottom resemblance a smile or mouth that welcomes the audience to the mouth-watering journey.

Logo design and exploration process

Opening Title


The design element and colors are inspired by the food, Asian rich spices and the unique

signature landmarks across South East Asia.


Lower 3rd & Segment Breaker

End Credit

Role: Creative Concept, Art Direction & Design

Studio: Freeflow Productions, Singapore

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