Asian Food Network 

 Must Try Asia (season 1) 

Celebrating the rich culture and food diversity in South East Asia, the Asian Food Network (AFN) come up with a new TV Series called Must Try Asia (Season 1). A variety show cantered around food and travel hosted by AFN's food hero Sarah Benjamin and celebrity chef Malcolm Goh. We were responsible for developing an identity, establish a creative direction, and produce a series of episodes that cover Manila, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.


Through a series of photomontage, we showcase the different signature food, rich spices and landmarks of each city.

Main logo 

Welcoming the audience to the mouth-watering adventure, the 'wok' (a round-bottomed cooking pot) resembles 'a smile' and 'a mouth'.

Logo design and exploration process

Opening Title Styleframes

Lower 3rd & Segment Breaker

End Credit

Role: Creative Concept, Art Direction & Design

Studio: Freeflow Productions, Singapore

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