Meals Under 500 Calories Campaign 



McDonald's Meals Under 500 Calories Campaign is about making a better choice. In this ongoing campaign, McDonald's Singapore set up a special meal under 500 calories on the menu. Despite having a dedicated option, still, many consumers are not aware of it.


We were responsible for developing an identity to establish a creative direction that positions the meal as a finer choice. The channels include in-store serving tray mat, self-order kiosk, restaurant menu board, and website banner across all McDonald's outlets in Singapore.


The creative direction and tonality we created for the visual are light and fresh. To capture the wholesome look we underline the shades of green color with organic shapes and typography

to convey the message.

Campaign Logo

Logo design and exploration process

In-store serving tray mats

The tray mat displayed all the set meal variety in a day. The layout depicts the time of the day from early morning to late afternoon resembling a clock.

Self Order Kiosk

Self Order Kiosk screen adaptation.


Role: Creative Concept, Art Direction & Design

Agency: GOLIN, Singapore

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