Mediacorp's Channel 5: OKTO - Don't Try This at Home

TV Program Branding & Visual Identity

A fun learning experience without blowing the house!

OKTO TV, Singapore's children's program on Mediacorp's Channel 5 has a brand-new series called Don't Try This at Home. An educational show about physics and science for children (10-13 years old). Our brief was to develop a visual identity, establish a creative direction, and produce a series of episodes hosted by Singapore's TV personality Nikki Muller and Aiken Chia. I was involved in creative concept ideation and visual design development including the show brand identity, program opener style frames, brand assets and, animation flow.



Logo design and exploration process


Intro Style Frames

The opening title animation was inspired by the "Rube Goldberg Machine" effect, where one action leads to another causing a chain reaction.

A compilation of styleframes from the infographic segments.

Backdrop Design


Studio: Freeflow Productions, Singapore.

Role: Creative Concept, Art Direction & Design.

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